John A. Clapp, Artist/miniaturist
about the artist

Artist’s Statement

“I like capturing the uniqueness and beauty of everyday objects and people.   Brainstorming concepts for trompe l’oeil art is extremely fun when putting objects together to make a clever play on words.  The biggest compliment that I get is when a collector sees my work for the first time and they think for example that I have put real paper and real tape together and wonder why…then they are amazed it is a drawing of those things.  I create art to bring enjoyment to others!” 

About the Artist

John A. Clapp (b.1968) works in a realistic style using graphite, pastel, colored pencil, oil and acrylic.  From childhood, John exhibited a great interest in drawing.  At the age of 15, he was inspired to paint by his great-uncle, Bob Brown, who was also a self-taught artist.  John is a versatile artist, who’s subject matter and style is diverse and includes whimsical and realistic trompe l’oeil, still life scenes, figures, and landscapes.  He has a sharp eye for the smallest details.  Each work is carefully composed, giving each object a personality.   Some of his highly detailed works take 20 – 40 hours or more to complete.


2014-Four paintings featured on cover and inside article of Sojourners Magazine, August 2014 issue.

2013-Illustrated cover for poetry book, “Search for a Velvet Lined Cape” by Marjorie Manwaring.

2009-Article for featuring my artwork and interview by author and art collector, Michael K. Corbin.

2008-Elizabeth Edwards purchased a still life painting-silver/fruit composition.

2006-First Place Award for “Sugar Bowl” still-life painting at the Aldersgate Art Show in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

2001-Honorary portrait of Senator Dale A. Righter, Member of the House of Representatives, located in Mattoon, IL. 

2000-“Best of Show” for entire artwork display at the Danville Arts in the Park, Danville, Illinois.

1998-“People’s Choice” for “Blue Jay in the Snow” painting at the Mattoon Arts and Crafts Show in Mattoon, Illinois.

1997-“Best of Show” for “In The Sun – Goldfinch” painting at the Arcola Art Fair, Arcola, Illinois.